Report Content Scrapers Directly To Google

Its a well known problem for many diligent people who work at home: A person is working hard to create a quality post/article and after he posted it, he is discovering that not only another person “scrap” his content, but also it is ranked above his original post!

It doesn’t matter how much you hate content scrappers, Google probably hates them more. To fight with them, Matt Cutts, the spam police chief of Google, wants to recruit believe it or not, you for the fight against spam. Matt Tweeted, that you can now report by yourself directly to Google about content scrapers with this scraper report form.

The Scraper Report Form

In the report form there are four boxes to fill out: The query which the scraper is ranking above you, your page URL, the scraper page URL and additional details. This will be examined by human and not some bot (if you filled it out properly).

I suggest you to report the content scraper to Google even if you are still ranking higher than him- Fill out all of the boxes and the additional details box state how many pages he is scraping, if its through your RSS feed (If you suspect it) and how long have you noticed that.

Although that in most cases Google manage to recognize what is the scraping content and what is the original one, don’t take any chances and use this form to report content scrapers! You don’t want to get into duplicate content problems because of them…