All Social Advertising Roads Leads To Facebook…

Facebook is not only the most popular social network with most members, it is also the most popular social advertising platform which responsible to more than two thirds of all US social networks ad revenue in 2011 and predicted to take even a bigger part in 2012, according to few researches from eMarketer.

Total Social Advertising Is Growing Fast, But Facebook’s Grows Faster

If we are comparing the US advertising growth rate between all social networks ad revenue to Facebook revenue (see charts at the bottom), we will discover that although all social networks revenue is rapidly growing, yet Facebook US revenue growing rate is higher:

2009-2010: All social networks ad revenue increased by 39%, Facebook revenue increased by 116%.

2010-2011: All social networks ad revenue increased by 55%, Facebook revenue increased by 81%.

2011-2012: All social networks ad revenue predicted to increase by 28%, Facebook revenue predicted to increase by 31%.

Work From Home Conclusions and Implications:

1.  We can see from the charts below how the social networking industry is developing and taking bigger and bigger parts of business marketing budget. Although in 2012, we are likely to see it slowing down, relatively to other industries it is still very fast growing.

2.  Many organizations and businesses are allocating their marketing funds to the social networking arena and most of it goes to Facebook. This is why Google is investing so many resources in Google+. But at least until next year, the current status isn’t predicted to change.

3.  Advertising in social networks will probably get more expensive at the leading social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Google still haven’t revealed when it will be possible to advertise in Google+ and if it will have a separate advertising platform from its search engine.



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