3D Photos Without Glasses – Unique Visual Addition To Your Online Business

If you are looking for a creative new visual addition for your online business i have a great suggestion for you- 3d photos without any glasses at any screen and computer! You can offer your visitors a great unique experience without special requirements.

These photos are providing the illusion of 3d without glasses, although its not really 3d: The photographer is shooting few images from few close spots and when adding all of them together in one loop, a sense of depth created because of the small camera movements.

I have nothing against glasses in general, but it is more than likely that the 3d future doesn’t involve them… There is already technology that can offer 3d view of movies without any extra accessories, however this technology is very expensive. Meanwhile, people are eager to find some cheaper exclusive experiences and they may find it with these photos.

You can find more 3d photos like the ones below in the photographer Ignacio Torres website.

Here are few examples of 3d photos without glasses:

3D Girl Flying


3D Boy


3D Girl Stars