The +1 Button (Finally) Interfacing With Google+ Stream

Finally, there is an actual reason for internet users to press on the +1 button… Google has announced that from these upcoming days, this social button is interfacing with Google+ stream, similar to the Like button of Facebook and Tween button of Twitter.

Watch this photo to see how the new +1 button looks when you try to share with it:

An example of the new +1 button
An example of the new +1 button

Sharing On Google+

When Google presented the +1 button at the beginning of the year, many people didn’t understood why exactly they should press this button since they didn’t saw any real benefit from it. At that time, the only value and effect it had, was on search rankings. Therefore you could find the +1 button in many websites because webmasters tried to improve their rankings, however internet users used it only rarely.

After the launch of Google+, it was just a matter of time (why not right away?) before connecting between the +1 and the social network stream. Until now, you could only find the +1 sharing on a +1 tab on Google+ profiles. From this week, whenever you click on the +1 button, you will also see a “Share on Google+” box where you can share it directly on the social network stream (like in the photo above).

+Snippets For Your Online Business

Google also presented a feature called +Snippets for webmasters. This is a part of the +1 button customization when people are sharing with it- It let you (the webmaster) choose the title, image and description when the user is sharing with the +1 button. This can be pretty powerful to optimize the user’s sharing.


More information about it can be found in this video: