The Economic Logic Of Work From Home Infographic

I found this great infographic about the economic logic of work from home and i think that it shows some incredible pieces of information that we can all learn from for a better future:

40% of US workers are already work from home at least partially.

79% from the remaining 60% would have work at home if they could.

If those people would have work at home just half of the time:

their productivity would have increased by $235 Billion worth.

$124 billion would have saved on office costs.

$46 billion would have saved on work absent.

There will be more loyal staying employees, worth $31 billion.

Each home-based worker could save $362, which make it $15 billion collectively.

A reduction of 53 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, It’s like taking 9.6 million cars of the road for a year.

$23 billion less dependency on foreign oil.



Here are the full stats in the infographic:


Work From Home Economic Logic Infographic