Twitter Launching Image Galleries

Twitter just started experimenting new (desirable by its members) feature- Galleries. We first reported that the company is preparing for that two weeks ago, when Twitter introduced the feature to upload images directly from the account and now it is beginning to happen.


Right now the galleries are only visible at selectable few accounts, apparently highly popular ones but soon it will be available in all members profiles. Also, at the moment only images can be found in the galleries and not videos, however i am guessing it is just a matter of time until this option will be possible and visible also.


Here are a few important notes from Twitter help center about user galleries:

  • The images in the galleries will be taken from all third party image sharing services and from Twitter image upload.
  • Only the latest 100 images will be shown in the galleries.
  • Images in Tweets before January 1st 2010 will not be displayed.
  • Images from Retweets will not be shown in the galleries.
  • To delete an image, you need to delete its Tweet.

From Micro-Blogging To Traditional Social Network

Twitter is constantly adding new features and Add-ons, making it more and more a “traditional” social network and not just a micro blogging site. Maybe the company’s “shot-callers” also saw the surveys predicting Google+ will become the second most popular social network and they are trying to take some actions to keep their popularity in this highly competitive industry.


Tyra Banks Image Gallery
Tyra Banks Image Gallery