YouTube Most Popular and Most Engaging Video Website

YouTube is the most popular online video content website and users are also spending the longest period of time in it each visit. Facebook ranked as the third website users are mostly watching videos in, however spending the least time each visit from the top 10 websites, according to a new report by comScore.

Here are the full report findings:

Top Videos Websites

This report is demonstrating the dominance of YouTube over the online video industry- About 88% of US internet users that watched an online video on July, have done it on YouTube. This is more than twice as the second website VEVO with about 34%. In the most popular social network Facebook 28% have watched videos, making it impressively the third most viewing videos website.

YouTube is also the videos website that people spend most time in each visit, 353.7 minutes. Hulu is the only one that “tickle” it a little with 205.5 minutes per visit. All other websites are far far away from all other websites in the minutes per viewer category- They varied from 17.9 minutes for visit (Facebook) to 66 minutes for visit (VEVO).

Work From Home Conclusions:

1. YouTube is still by far the best place for video marketing.

2. Facebook is also a good place for video marketing, but users have less patience there, so keep the videos short when marketing on Facebook.

3. The mostly music video website VEVO popularity is reinforcing the conclusions from the Most Popular YouTube Contents post that music videos are the way to deliver your messages.