WordPress Is Taking Over The World – Powering 14.7% From All Websites!

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the most popular blog platform in the world WordPress, has posted in WordPress official blog the platform growing numbers for the last year and the these numbers are pretty amazing- WordPress is powering 14.7% of all websites, meaning a sixth of worldwide sites!

This is an impressive jump from last year’s 8.5% from all websites. The current growing rate is even more impressive- 22% from all new domains in the US are powered by WordPress. It means that if the current growing will stay stable until the next year, it could lead for higher incredible number.

I already stated it in many times in the past that if you intend to start a blog as your home business, WordPress should be your first stop- It is free, very easy to design, SEO friendly, secured and it has something like 15,000 plugins for almost any purpose you can think of. In fact, many of the most popular blogs on the web are powered by WordPress (mine also).


You can watch this video of Matt Mullenweg talking about this information and more interesting stuff (including WordPress contribution to the global workforce):