New Facebook Profile Rankings Revealed!

We are used to compete from search engine rankings, but apparently we should also compete in Facebook rankings… Facebook has secret ranking of people you are interacting on the social network! In this post i will tell you how can you access it.

The Discovery

Jeremy Keeshin has found this friends rankings pretty accidentally while trying to improve the auto-complete search in his Facebook account. Keeshin found a file (first_degree.php) that made it clear that Facebook ranks people. He assumes that the ranking algorithm is based on profiles you visit, chat with, doing “Likes” and comment.

How To See Your Profile Rankings?

If you wish to see your own Facebook profile rankings, enter this post from Keeshin blog and the drag the photo or the link provided to your favorites. Now, enter your Facebook account and click on the link from your favorites and the profile rankings will appear. I tested it myself and i can assure you its not a Facebook fraud or scam.

How To Improve Your Rankings Among People

I have made a little test myself- I took a random profile, which i never visited in the past and i examined what makes it go up ahead in the rankings. I discovered that the algorithm is not that sophisticated and what it is affected when simply when visiting the profile.

My conclusion from this for marketing my online business on Facebook is basically to make people click on my business profile by using attractive photos, interesting updates or anything else creative that will make people enter my business profile.