Most Popular YouTube Contents and Channels Are Music Ones

If a part of your work from home marketing efforts is through videos, you might find the next data very interesting: According to the research company ComScore (That begins these days measuring YouTube rating regularly), the most popular video contents people watch are music videos.

About 40% out of YouTube visitors watched musical videos, much more than any other category. The most popular by far YouTube channel is VEVO (A joint venture by 3 of the major record labels) with 38%! The second most popular channel is also music-related, Warner Music with 20%. Third is the games-related channel, Machinima (10%) and fourth is the guides and information channel, Demand Media (9%).

Here are the top 15 most popular YouTube channels:

Popular YouTube Channels

Another thing to see from these findings is that the average minutes for video is 3.1 minutes, while in the popular channels people have a little more patience and it rounds from 3.8 to 4.7 minutes.

Work From Home Conclusions:

If part of your business/products/services marketing strategy includes creating videos, maybe you should consider delivering your messages through music videos. Apparently, they are the most attractive videos for the users and if you integrate your message creatively and interesting enough it has more effectiveness potential than any other content category.

Additionally, create short videos, less than 5 minutes- Internet users don’t have a lot of patience and you should squeeze your messages to these short videos.

Final Thought

Many years ago, the radio was the biggest source of music. Then, somewhere in the 80’s, MTV was born and the TV took the radio place as the biggest source of music. Does YouTube is taking MTV’s place as the main source of music?