Confirmed: Google Experimenting Infinite Scroll Results Page

When i discussed the Google experiments on a fixed search bar, i suggested that it hints for future intention of showing “infinite” results page. Well, now it isn’t just an assumption anymore…

Lately, SEO communities across the web were flooded with screenshots and videos, showing Google results page with “Show more results” button instead of the familiar “Goooogle” with page numbers. Here is a screenshot:

Google Infinite Scroll
"Show more results" button at the bottom

After denying several times they are testing this kind of feature, Finally Google’s spokesman confirmed that they are experimenting it (alongside other features). This shouldn’t come as a surprise- Google image search already shows infinite scroll results.

Is It The End Of “Get To The First Page On Google”?

Anybody who is working at home knows that the biggest challenge is to rank high and appear in the first page of Google: The traffic gap between the first page to the second one is huge! Will this infinite results feature bring to an end the race to rank at the first page?

My opinion is that it won’t eliminate it but it can surely spread the traffic among more results. Remember that no matter what, people trust more the first results and the click-through distribution rate decline gradually as we go down the rankings.




Here is a video, capturing the infinite scroll page experiment: