Does Young People Have Less Interest In Social Networks? (Survey)

Does young people use social networks less than they use to? According to a survey analysis by the technology research company Gartner, 24% of people at ages 18-29 are less social networking due to lack of interest and personal privacy concerns.

Less Interest and Privacy Concerns

The survey polled 6,295 participants at ages 13 to 74 from 11 countries. As stated, almost one from four participants at the age 18 to 29 claims to use less social networks, mostly because of “boredom” and because they worried about their private information.

The concerns for private information don’t end with the young generation- 33% among the older than the age 29 are also concerned by that (To Anonymous attention).

Overall, 31% from the participants stated they use social networks less than before. It seems that the social media companies should act to innovate and renew with new products to keep the young people in.

Not All Negative

There is also a bright side for the social media companies- 37% of the participants that are younger than 18 stated that they use more than before social networks. I guess that the main reason for that is social games and maybe this is why just a few days ago Google introduced games for Google+.

Passive Users

What can be relevant for your work from home business, is that the survey found that most social users are passive and prefer to consume content than to create it. So, when you marketing in the social media involve the users by photos, videos, discussions and anything else creative that’s on your mind.