LinkedIn Presents New Mobile Application

LinkedIn released yesterday updates for its mobile application, to offer better, faster and more friendly service for its smartphones users. In days where the whole mobile industry is at the center of attention after Google bought Motorola Mobility, its no wonder that LinkedIn choose to focus on this market share.

In the company’s official blog, LinkedIn executive is stating alongside the announcement on the mobile application updates, that page views through mobile phones have increased by 400% comparing to last year data. I don’t relate all this growth solely to LinkedIn but also to the whole growth of smartphones users.

Important New Features

LinkedIn has improved many things in its new app, i want to focus on things that can be relevant for your online business. If you are marketing on LinkedIn, you’ll be happy to hear that they improved their networking options:

Updates are much more visible for your network of friends- It means that mobile users will be much more exposed to your marketing efforts.

Groups and discussions can be discovered and browse much easier and with better appearance. Apparently, this ability was the most requested among mobile users (clue for you).

Mobile Site In HTML 5

One more thing LinkedIn improved is their mobile website- From now it is fully support HTML 5, what enables better surfing experience from each device or browser. Another “win” for HTML 5 that begins to gain big momentum supporting more and more popular websites.

Watch this video from LinkedIn about its new mobile application: