Funny SEO Comics – Take a Break From Your Work From Home!

In another episode of my “Take a break from your work at home for a moment!” i would like to offer you something that can be really funny for all you people who are engaging in SEO (which i know is a considerable part of any online business)- Funny SEO comics! I hope you find it entertaining and funny, who knows, it may even inspire some of you…

Check Your Online Business Rankings

How to know if you are a real SEO geek?

Google Will Find The Keys

Google Not There Yet...

Take a Break

When You Really Need a Break From Your Work From Home Business


Young Matt Cutts?

Married Matt Cutts?

Married Matt Cutts?











SEO Hairstyle

How To Get Respect

SEO For Clients

I Guess SEO Is Not For Anybody...

Reciporcal Rings

I Do...???

Reciporcal Links

Bad Neighborhood?


Not anymore, it's not!