Google+ Now With Games For The Benefit Of Developers

Good news for all you game developers for the social media who works at home- Google announced in the company’s official blog that its going to integrate games for its new social network Google+.

Right now, you can find only 16 games in Google+, some of them are already tremendously popular in Facebook like Angry Birds, but in the future we will see a much wider range of games that can be developed by anyone!

Here are the games that currently available in Google+:

Games At Google+
What Can You Play In Google+?

Game Developers Benefits

This news are excellent to the fast growing social networking games industry that will get another boost, now from another social network that appears to grow and be the second most popular social network. This means that a much bigger audience will be exposed to social games and the earnings potential of game developers will also grow accordingly.

Game developers would also be happy to know that Google+ would take a much smaller percentages from the profits- Only 5% instead of the 30% Facebook is taking! If Facebook wants to stay in the “game” of social games, it would have to lower its large commission it takes…

Google encourage developers to stay up to date in its official Google+ platform blog about the most recent information and news that relevant for developers.

Google+ Games Homepage Screenshot
Google+ Games Homepage Screenshot