Google Plus Reactions – Sentiment, Likes and Dislikes

After we have reported that Google+ will become the second most popular social network within a year, I had to find other findings to support and to explain this prediction. Luckily, i found a great one conducted by NetBase, a company that analyze and research the social media.

The research covers the reactions for Google Plus over the last couple months and elaborate what are the most positive and negative things the users finds in it. Here is the general sentiment of Google Plus online:

Net Sentiment For Google Plus
What Can We Understand From This?

We can first see the initial impact of launching Google Plus has made on the web- We can see it from the blue bar (net sentiment) that suddenly broke down strong when Google Plus has been introduced. We can also see that there is a big buzz around it from the positive and negative reactions in total.

It is very easy to notice that the “green” (positive) is much more dominant the the “pink” (negative). At its most positive peak, 60% had a positive reaction in compared to less than 20% at its most negative peak. This is a rate of more than 3:1 satisfied users, a rate that more or less remained the same also after the declining emotions and initial excitement over time.

Top Likes In Google Plus

1. Usability: Better than Facebook (13%), make it easier (13%), do more better (9%), useful (8%), best thing (8%) and simple (7%)- All those indicates that it has pretty easy-to-use and friendly interface, at least until now and from Facebook…

2. Appearance: Look (23%) and design (5%)- Looks like people were enthusiastic about its overall appearance. We can also understand it from that there weren’t almost any dislikes from its appearance.

3. Innovation: Circle (8%) and potential for reason (7%)- People are pleased about some of its new innovative features, especially “Circles”.


Top Google Plus Likes
Top Dislikes In Google Plus

1. Technicalities: Not have RSS (12%), RSS (12%), technical limitation (11%), TOS (10%), pretty unfriendly for photographer (10%), roll out system (10%), incomplete (8%)- Overall we can divide it for two groups, One who wants a usable RSS feed (24%) and another that probably unhappy about not being open for all yet.

2. Name: Name this (10%) and name (8%)- Although i thought that it is a great catchy name, i guess many don’t agree with me…

Top Google Plus Dislikes