Upload Photos Directly To Twitter, Soon Media Galleries

Looks like Twitter didn’t wast much time- From now, we can upload photos directly through the new Twitter interface! When we create a new tweet, right below the main box, we can now see a small icon of camera (see photo) that let us upload the photos easily.

The Tweet Box With The Camera Icon
The Tweet Box With The Camera Icon

The photo will appear on the right side of the screen, below the enlarge tweet text. I can only assume that videos are the next thing it would be possible to upload, very shortly…

From now, a new window of creative marketing opportunities had opened for our work at home. No more just tweeting “… is a great product, try it” or “check out this website/article/story…”, Followers will expect visual aids (images now, videos in the future) to “convince” them taking the actions we want (buying product, entering our site, filling a form, etc.).

Image Galleries

But the photo uploading option isn’t the most exciting news… In the Image Uploading support page of Twitter, it is stated that soon enough users will have media galleries which contain all the shared photos from the tweets.

Although Twitter has today a little different social concept than traditional social networks, the media galleries will provide it traditional social networking characteristics. My question is, are we are going to see more of these traditional characteristics integrated to Twitter, transforming it into a “regular” social network like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus?