Meet The Google Team That Decides Your Business Future (Video)

Last week a panel with 3 of the most affecting people on your work from home was held: The top engineers of Google search. The search veterans (10+ years) provided their insights, experiences and explanations about Google, the web and even for the future of search.

You can watch the full conference in the video at the end of this post and i think that it’s a must see for any online business owner to understand better the logic behind rankings and how Google actually works and where we are developing from here. Keep in mind that these people are responsible to maintain and improve, probably your biggest source of traffic (and income).

Who Are The Panelists?

Matt Cutts- In charge of dealing with web spam (which we all know, is a lot).

Ben Gomes- In charge of the “search experience”, for example Google Instant and the interface.

Amit Singhal- In charge of the rankings quality- Most suitable results for queries.

What Is The Conference Covers?

What i think make it such a great panel and a must see video, is that it covers so many topics that are relevant for home business owners, for example:

  • Rankings calculations and decisions.
  • What is the process to integrate a new algorithm?
  • When do they manually intervene in rankings?
  • The role of social signals on results.
  • An inside peek of working at Google.

The video is pretty long (hour and a half) but i highly recommend you to see all of it patiently, It might assist, inspire and contribute to you as hundreds of hours work worth. Here is the video: