Facebook New “Grouped” News Feed

Yesterday Facebook announced on changes in its display of the News Feed- From now, it will group together all related status updates and comments of your friends so it will be displayed in one “tree”. I would have bring you the link to the announcement but for some reason, It doesn’t exist anymore… Anyway, here’s how the News Feed suppose to appear:

Facebook new News Feed
The new News Feed

How It Works?

There isn’t anything too sophisticated here, apparently some algorithm identify similar keywords (“Harry Potter” in the photo above) from the posts and updates of the user’s friends and simply serve it as they all discussing with each other.

Facebook Preparing For The Battle

Just two weeks ago, Facebook presented another new interesting feature- Facebook For Business. Looks like Facebook is getting ready for the opening of Google Plus for everyone and trying to make some damage control which certainly will happened one way or the other.

New Platform For Advertising?

Maybe Facebook is also preparing for a new advertising platform similar to the new Promoted Tweets of Twitter. With the new improved News Feed, it will make it a lot easier to launch this kind of “Promoted Statuses” or “Promoted Comments” advertising program.

How To Use It For Your Online Business?

If your online business has many fans, whenever there is some hot trending topic (like the market collapse now), “talk” about it… The new News Feed will automatically group your posts with others and will increase your social presence!