Google+ Will Become The Second Most Popular Social Network Study and Analysis

According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg and YouGov (research company), the new social network Google+, is on its way to become the second most popular social network in about a year, after would gain 22% of the adult US population.

The poll point out that Google+ will bypass popular social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, that will grow themselves to about 20%. All social network are still far behind Facebook that currently holds 71% and predicted to loose 2% to 69% within a year.


Real Competition To Facebook
My first conclusion from this study is that Google+ beginning to realize my prediction that it is the biggest new opportunity for work at home entrepreneurs of this time. Its fast growth and the first cracks in Facebook popularity makes me think that we are going to see balanced competition and a close race between the two in 2-3 years. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg should read my How To Save Facebook Suggestions

Social Networks Are Not a Trend Anymore
My second conclusion is about the behavior change we witness in internet users: If until a few years ago, people had only one social network account at the most if any at all and it was considered as a “trend” or a hot niche, today most people have at least one social network account and within a year it will grow more. Social networking became an integral part of our lives and we can’t call it anymore a “trend”, just as we can’t call web search a trend.

Google+ Plus Is The Fastest Growing Social Network But It Isn’t Fair To Compare!
All studies, polls and researches are shouting loud that Google+ is the fastest growing social network in the history, but i think it just isn’t fair to compare because of two main reasons:

1. Other social networks like Facebook and Twitter have grown when the social networking concept was new and even unknown to many. They opened the curtains for the whole world to see this new revolutionary concept. Google+ already been born into this world.

2. Other social networks grown from anonymity into ones of the most famous online brands. Google is already now the most famous brand online, so when they launch a new product, it already has an audience of billions! All the more so when they use all of their publicity efforts…