Google Realtime Is Coming Back

After closing its Google Realtime search at the beginning on July, Google apparently is planning to reopen it very soon, and this time they will use their own shiny new product for that, the Google Plus social network.

Google Realtime was a search engine for the recent updates from the social media. The main source of information it had relied on was Twitter, but after Google And Twitter Agreement Expired and didn’t renewed, there were not enough sufficient social signals and Google decided to (temporary) shut it down.

Now, (as i predicted) after the establishment of Google Plus it will soon be open again, this time it seems relying mostly on signals from Google Plus and the +1 button. It is pretty safe to assume that when Google Realtime would relaunch, the gates of Google Plus would also open widely to everyone. After all, How reliable are social signals, if they are just from a relatively small community of invited members?

I also think that Google must and probably will sign a new agreement with Twitter and maybe, who knows, also with Facebook. Google always stating that they want to provide varied search results and there is no reason why it won’t happened in Realtime also. Facebook, Twitter and maybe other social networks are simply too big to ignore.

Implications For Your Work From Home

Well, there is nothing new here- It is pretty known that the importance of social signals is increasing and social marketing is essential part of any work from home and the relaunch of Realtime is strongly supporting it. So if you haven’t started social marketing already, you should start now (only if you want to succeed of course…).