The Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media For Business (With Infographic)

Marketing on the social media is an integral part of any work from home. Each social network has its own unique features and characteristics and deserve better treatment, for example marketing on LinkedIn is different than marketing on Facebook. However, there are general guidelines all are sharing…

Here are the do’s and don’ts of social media for business (Infographic at the bottom):


Have a plan before you start- Write down exactly how do you plan to market yourself.

Create measurable goals- Target for yourself realistic goals in realistic time-frames.

Be consistent- Nobody said that a successful marketing campaign in the social media is easy, In fact, in most cases it’s pretty difficult…

Be a good social citizen- Even if someone criticize you and your business harsh and unfairly, keep a professional and polite image.

Give great content- At the bottom line, more people will join and participate on your network just if you offer some great content.

Build a strong network- Don’t rely on a few participating members, always aspire to recruit more to enlarge your network.

Be engaging- You need to be actively involved with your community. Create discussions, make periodical questions, add photos and videos.

Be a good listener- Always answer questions patiently and respond to comments. The community needs to know their is someone there!


Don’t build your network “too quickly”- Meaning don’t use all kinds of manipulative ways and methods to recruit!

Don’t rely on one social network- You don’t want to be left with nothing if one campaign has failed.

Don’t be pushy- Besides the fact that its annoying and people don’t respond well to that, it could also damage your reputation.

Don’t Spam- When people receive or see the same message in multiple places it’s deterring.

Don’t try to sell exaggeratedly- In most cases, when people discovering themselves sales and deals they will be more willing to buy.

Don’t use generic marketing techniques- Everyone wants to feel special and not one in many, especially on social networks.

Don’t forget to thank people- No matter if someone made a big purchase, some positive feedback, review or a comment, show your appreciation and thank them.

The Do's And Don'ts Infographic