Internet Explorer? Are You Stupid Or What?

Did you thought that your surfing habits doesn’t say anything about you? Think again… New study reveals that the IQ level of Internet Explorer users is lowers than their other browser users…

The research company Aptiquant conducted the study in its website among 100,000. The findings showed that there isn’t a significant different between the IQ of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, however the IQ of IE users has been revealed as below the average. These are different results from a similar study from 5 years ago, where the IQ of all browser users were more or less the same.

Another thing we can learn from the study is that the more older the version of the user’s browser, the lower his IQ is (which is pretty understandable).

Here are the study graphs:

Average IQ By Browser
Average IQ By Browser

Does It Means That Bing Users Have Lower IQ?

Just recently i presented a study about browsers and search engines correlation, showing that 75% of Bing users comes from IE, so if we add 1+1… Does it mean that Bing users are dumber…? Well, i have to say – YES! Here is why:

1. Why choose a search engine like Bing When you have a product like Google? I don’t think that Bing is so bad, actually i think it showed significant improvement over the last year, but Google is so much better. It’s like buying a Fiat where at the same price you could have bought a Rolls-Royce…

2. The most popular browser is Internet Explorer (52% market share) and its default search engine is Bing. There are many people that don’t know how to download a different browser or don’t know how to change the default search engine. We can say that in general, these people probably have lower IQ.