Promoted Tweets – New Advertising Platform From Twitter

Just last week i discussed that although Twitter is more popular than ever it still doesn’t has an effective self advertising platform, and yesterday Twitter presented a new advertising possibility. Twitter announced in her blog that businesses can now promote their chosen Tweets, to the top.

How It Works

If a certain business tweets about something and wants it will stay at the top of its followers page, even after a while, it can bid for this option. Twitter also stated that there won’t be too much Promoted Tweets and therefore businesses would sometimes bid against each other to compete on the spot. For the next several weeks Twitter will be testing it with a group of selected major businesses like Dell, HBO and Starbucks. Afterwards, it suppose to be open for all.

This can be valuable for businesses that like to announce something for their circle of followers, whether if they are online at that same moment or whether they are offline but could see it at later using Promoted Tweets. In the photo below you can see a Twitter account with a Promoted Tweet from JetBlue that’s marked as promoted:

Promoted Tweets Example

Suitable Advertising Model For The Social Media

This advertising platform is highly suitable for the social media characteristics in general and specifically to Twitter. Social networks are trying to find effective advertising models to exploit their enormous popularity and just recently Facebook also presented a new social advertising model in Facebook For Business. My prediction is that they are on the right wave…