Facebook For Business – New Features For Online Businesses

Facebook have just launched a new section for online businesses called Facebook for Business. In this new program, online business owners can find guides and tools to help them growing and marketing on their websites and obviously on their Facebook pages.

Facebook for Business Features:

With this feature you can learn how to socialize your website with the most popular social plugins on the web, build apps and suit your online business to the growing mobile world.

Sponsored Stories
Very interesting new advertising platform that fits to the social media world unique attributes. Learn here, how can you increase the visibility of people’s interactions with your pages in a paid form.

Help and guide you with the old familiar pay per click program. Includes setting your goals, targeting, optimizing your ads, managing your budget and eventually reviewing and improving your campaign using the Ads Manager.

This is probably the most important feature that helps you to build and optimize your business page, drive traffic, analyze and improve it.

What are The Goals Facebook for Business?

I can think about a few goals for this new program:

1. To benefit and to serve better online businesses that until now found it very difficult to market and many are using third-party marketing services.

2. Improve the company’s revenue. The new Sponsored Stories feature presents for the first time advertising program that matches the unique characteristics of a social network.

3. It could be no coincidence that Facebook launched the program now- They may intend to gather as much as possible businesses before Google Plus will be open for all…

Last Thought…

I guess that after the poor Customer Satisfaction Report and with Google Plus gallop from behind, Facebook is throwing another weapon to the battle. I don’t think it’s a “balance breaker”, but it can be a nice and helpful addition.