Google Panda 2.3 Is Now Live – What Has Changed?

Now its official- Google Panda 2.3 is now live. Google have confirmed to Search Engine Land that they updated the algorithm once again and integrate some new signals for identifying better site’s quality.

What Has Changed?

I had a feeling that in the last few days there’s something going on because of a little Google Dance in the work from home arena i saw. From my point of view and from the few researches i made so far, i can conclude that in this update Google decided to cut some slack for websites with its aggressive algorithm and a few low quality websites have been popped back to the top…

I examine two of these low quality websites and what changes did they made since their drop in one of the last updates:

1. One website went on a very intensive campaign of creating backlinks and didn’t add any other content.

2. The other website added a few unique articles, which weren’t shallow but also i can’t call them highly contributing.

From this (limited) research i have concluded that Panda 2.3 has been devalued a little bit the importance of content on the benefit of other search factors (possibly backlinks). I don’t worry too much about these low quality websites, because most likely they will drop again in the future, if they won’t change their manners.

Panda Is The New Pagerank?

This is the fifth Panda update including the first time it has launched in February. The updates occurs almost monthly and it looks more and more like a measurement rank and the possible successor of the Pagerank which lost its prestigious place.

If you fell victim to the Panda and you are taking aggressive steps to improve your site according to the new applied standards, know that you probably won’t see any major change until the next update that happens every 4-6 weeks.