Bing New Interface Changes – Analysis

After that its lofty rival Google is preparing for some interface changes, Now Bing is also apparently getting ready for remodeling… And what’s on the table? New HTML 5 look, rumored instant results and ads INSIDE the search results…

New HTML 5 Interface

Google already showing its search in HTML 5 and now Microsoft (Bing mother company if you didn’t knew) also want to integrate the new web language standard. The HTML 5 suppose to support better graphic visualization and as you see at the picture below, Bing wants to add other features like whether, news, maps, trends and more. Also, we can see the Facebook’s Like button.

New HTML 5 Look For Bing

At this time its also rumored that Bing wants a version of instant results of its own, just like Google Instant. The company probably recognized the improved user experience with this feature.

My opinion is that its a real good strategic move from Microsoft- They realize that on the pure search arena, they are much more inferior than Google, so they are making Bing more as a portal like Yahoo.


Ads Inside The Search Results

Looks like Bing is also testing another placement for its ads- Inside the search results (as you see in the photo below)! Until now, in all search engines, the results themselves were clear from any type of advertisements, which showed only on the bottom, up, right or left side of the page.



Ads Inside Bing Search Results

This considers as a greedy move by Microsoft to increase revenue by creating more clicks on its ads and if it will eventually stick, i think it will hurt Bing integrity.


In order to increase profits, Bing is experimenting two moves:

The first is improving the surfing experience by improving its general look to attract more visitors which is the ethical and “fair” way to increase profits.
The second is by breaking the unwritten ethical rules of search engines- Inserting ads directly inside the “supposed to be organic” results.