Top Online Scams Of The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has published an infographic of last year top online scams. Because of the nature of business, People that are working from home are much more exposed to these online scams and therefore this report is especially important for you!

Let us review the top online scams (you can also see it in the infographic below):

1. Job Hunting
Offers to find a job that is suitable for you, for a payment.

2. Debt Relief and Settlement Services
“Help” you settle your debts and even eliminate them for a small part of what you owe, upfront of course.

3. Work From Home
At best case scenario you would loose membership fee, at the worst case you can drown in legal troubles.

4. Timeshare Resellers
Will help you sell equipment and stuff very fast and eventually disappear with your stuff and money.

5. “Free” Trials
Offers free trials of products or services and ask a credit card number just for verification…

6. Home Repairs
For an upfront payment, suggest to do your home repairs for half prices of others.

7. Lottery and Sweepstakes
Joining a lottery or sweepstakes service that asks only fees for tax purposes or other fake thing.

8. Loans
Claims that you qualify for comfortable loan for some upfront fees.

9. Pay Me Back
Claims that mistakenly transfer you money (or too much money) and asks it back.

10. Identity Thefts
Gather your personal information by pretending to be some respectable business.

You might be telling yourself that only foolish individuals are falling into these scams, but scammers have sophisticated techniques to convince (like the fake account photo i recently discussed about), so be very cautious when doing businesses with unknown people or organizations!

Here is the top online scams infographic:

Top Online Scams