Weekly Work From Home News Roundup (24/7/2011)

In this week work from home news roundup: In what PPC words you will pay the most in Adwords, Google is preparing for new look, Twitter can loose agreements with the biggest search engines and online companies costumer satisfaction report… Let’s begin:

Most Expensive PPC Keywords – According to a study by WordStream the most expensive PPC keywords in Adwords are insurance, loans and mortgage. Apparently, there are online marketers that are willing to spend about $50 for each click on those keywords!

New Fixed Bar And Instant Preview Look In Google – Google started to a experiment new look for its basic search interface with fixed search box and Instant Preview. I suggested that additionally to improve the search experience, this is a way to reinforce its new social network, read in the article why…

Twitter Close To Loose The Agreement With Bing – Although the recent data are pointing that Twitter is at its peak of popularity, its about to loose the agreement it has with Bing. If the agreement won’t renewed it can be a big hit for Twitter after loosing its agreement with Google.

Customer Satisfaction E-Business Report 2011 – American Customer Satisfaction Index has published this year costumer satisfaction report of online business: Google still leading, Bing is improving, Myspace dropped out and Facebook is disappointing. Read the complete report inside the post.

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