How to Work from Home Smarter Not Harder and Be a Gamer Forever

Working from home is the sweetest gig you can get! You can do whatever the heck you want as long as you get your projects done right? Wrong.

This is a terrible mindset to get into because it might cause your productivity to flop. You need to create a schedule and live by it the same as you would if you had a traditional job.

Gaming can come after you’re done for the day. In some cases, you have to put that on a schedule too.

Check out this guide to learn how to work smarter not harder and make plenty of time in your life to play all the games that you love!

Give Yourself a Regular Schedule 

The worst thing that you can do when working remotely is to be too whimsical with it. Even with jobs where you can pick up assignments whenever you want, you still need to create some kind of schedule for yourself. 

This will help you maintain a nice work/life balance that will stop you from burning yourself out a few months into your new remote job. We will say that sometimes, things pop up. 

If everyone isn’t in the same time zone, you may end up working late one night or have to start early in the morning. When that happens, be sure to make a few adjustments to your schedule. 

If you end up working late for whatever reason, treat yourself by sleeping in a little the next morning. If you have to start bright and early, cut off your workday sooner than you normally would and game a bit until you’ve got to go to bed. 

Use a Timer 

If you don’t have a time limit to get an assignment or project done, make one. By challenging yourself to get something done within a certain timeframe, you’ll be more likely to finish your workday ahead of schedule. 

When you’re not trying to fight a clock, you might drag with an assignment without realizing it or meaning to. 

Be Careful with What You Put on Your To-Do List

If you have to do a quick five-minute edit on an assignment, don’t put it on your to-do list. Do it the second you get it bounced back to you from your boss. If you put small priority tasks on your list, they’re likely to get lost in a sea of high priority ones. 

Before you know it, you’ve taken a week to respond to an email that you should have responded to a few days after you got it. Save space on your to-do list for large assignments only.  

Choose a Killer Computer 

The thing about working from home is that you need a killer computer to get things done. If you just get any old laptop, that may cause your productivity to go downhill. Use these tips to find the best one for you. 


The first step is deciding if you want to use a desktop or a laptop. If you’re not too worried about portability and you have a designated workspace planned out, a desktop might be the way to go. 

They pack more power for getting stuff done. We will tell you that desktops are more expensive than laptops but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice setup within your budget. 


The main advantage laptops have over desktops is the price. They’re much cheaper. There’s also the little factor of portability. 

Most basic laptops are heavy so, you may not want to carry yours to your local coffee shop. What you can do is switch from working at your desk to working on your couch. 

If you do want to be able to travel to a coffee shop for a change of scenery every now and again, Ultrabooks and Chromebooks have you covered. They’re much lighter and more portable. 

The only problem with a Chromebook is that it will only allow you to do basic functions like browse through the net and do light work. If you’re going to be doing heavy video and image editing, you’ll want to spring for a gaming laptop. 

Gaming laptops are powerful and allow you to have a nice balance of work and entertainment. You might find it hard to be productive when all your games are only a click away, though. Some people need a separation of having one machine for work and one for fun. 


No matter if you’re getting a desktop or laptop, it needs to have a powerful CPU. The processor is the brain of your entire computer. It allows all your programs to function and run. 

We will tell you that while the general consensus is the more power the better, you can downgrade a little if you’re only going to be running Google Docs and doing light work. You’ll be throwing your money away if you go for the most high end choice for that. 


The RAM is in charge of your computer’s short-term memory. Your computer needs its memory to be able to run programs effectively. Many work computers come with 4GB of RAM. 

That will allow you to run the basic programs that you need but if you can move up to a computer with 8GB of RAM, make sure that you do. 


There are two types of storage that you can go for, Hard Drives and Solid State Drives. Getting a computer with a basic Hard Drive will allow you to store pretty much every single one of your documents but it will bog the machine down a little. 

If you’re looking for speed, Solid-State Drives are the better choice. They can’t store quite as much as a standard Hard Drive but they run a lot faster. 


How to Work All of This Around Gaming? 

So, you’ve got a set schedule, you time your workday, and you’ve got a killer computer that allows you to speed through your assignments with ease. Now it’s time to learn how to plan everything around your gaming hobby. 

Schedule it 

Schedule your gaming time the same way you schedule your workday. It sounds depressing to have to pencil fun into your day but if you think about it, it’s no different than scheduling a party with friends. 

If you live with other people, let them know that you’re planning on using the TV after you get done with work on Friday. If someone else is already going to be doing something on the big screen, play one of your handheld games instead or change your plans and use the TV on Saturday. 

Play One Game at a Time

It’s hard to squeeze in time to play one game let alone a bunch when you have a full-time job. If you’re trying to tackle two or three massive RPGs at once, you’re not going to take on all the side quests that the games have to offer. 

You’re going to do the bare minimum so you can get through the story. This means that you’ll be scratching the surface and only get to take in half the world and lore. 

That’s the most interesting part! While the gameplay might be fun, you can’t beat a good story. So, take your time and fully immerse yourself in one game at a time. 

Put the Controller Down 

When you only have a few precious hours for gaming each week, you feel like a second not playing is a waste. If you can’t get through a single boss fight though, that’s also a waste. 

If you find yourself continuously flubbing on a boss, it might be time for you to set the controller down for the night and go to bed. Take some time to rest and revisit the game when you’re less tired from working. Yes, remote work can be exhausting even though you’re sitting at home. 

Move On 

You have a limited amount of time during the week to put toward gaming. You don’t want to waste your efforts on a game that you’re no longer feeling. 

If you can’t get lost in the world of the game or find it boring, set it to the side and move on to the next one in your library. 

How to Work Smarter Not Harder and Have Time for Gaming 

It’s easy to get lost in the allure of remote work because you’re at home and can get things done while never putting on a pair of pants. If you want to get through your workday and make time for gaming though, you’re going to need to learn how to work smarter not harder. 

Use these tips to keep yourself productive so you can get lost in a world of adventure and pixels later. If you find yourself still forcing your way through the workday finish line, we can help. Check out the work from home section of our blog for further advice.