HTML 5 – The Future Standard Of The Internet

HTML 5 is a new language standard for internet pages that provides improved capabilities of all elements including graphic and video. This new standard development will be completed in 2012, but already today in all modern browsers are combined HTML 5 attributes.

The new HTML 5 suppose to vanish the Flash technology (by Adobe) that’s still very problematic to read by search engines. Some say that Flash may still survive because its “irreplaceable”, but after the following events, i seriously doubt that:

– Steve Jobs has declared that in the future, no one will use flash and the world is moving to HTML 5.

– YouTube has launched an HTML 5 video trial.

– Almost all browser companies are releasing more and more evidences, why they support HTML 5 better.

– The biggest “push” to this standard came from Google which declared that its abandoning Flash with all of its headache and moving its efforts to HTML 5. Google also launched an HTML 5 resource for developers called HTML5ROCKS.

What It Means For Online Business Owners?

For the near time, it doesn’t mean anything yet. But in the future, i guess in about 2013, we’ll need to combine at least some HTML 5 features into our online businesses. I few years from now, i think that HTML 5 will become the default for all browsers.

Honestly, Its truly improve considerably the user experience on websites and its much more search engine friendly than Flash and both of those things are the recipe for work from home success. So don’t ignore it! Unless you want to stay behind of course…

Here is a demonstration for HTML 5 capabilities: