How To Save Facebook? Suggestions To Mark Zuckerberg

After the rapid growth of its biggest competitor, the new social network Google+ and after the unflattering costumer satisfaction report, we here in have decided to offer our humble work from home knowledge and help Mark Zuckerberg to save Facebook. Here are our insights:

Improve The Chat!
There is a tsunami of cry and anger on the new chat! Why i can’t scroll down the list of names? Why i am seeing a mix of online and offline friends all together? I understand that the new mechanism suppose to put the friends i chat with the most on top but it doesn’t work! Sometimes, your social network makes it difficult to be social…

The Search
Let’s tell the truth Mark, the search on Facebook is terrible… Besides finding a complete name or a page (which also hard sometimes), we can’t search for anything! This is the real answer for Google, which certainly would use its own fantastic search engine for Google+! Give us the possibility to search for real information on Facebook!

Tag Damage
On the reality of today, just a few hours off-guard can hurt our image: You suddenly finding a picture of you drunk, naked or at any other embarrassing position. What’s even more annoying is that every other thing needs many clicks for approval, but to kill one’s reputation takes a lot less…

Stop “Notifying” Me!
All i wanted, is to comment on my friend’s nice picture or add a “Like”. I didn’t realize that when every other person is commenting, i get “notified”… Dear Mark, please add a small unsubscribe feature in an obvious spot…

I (dis)Like!
How can i express my negative feelings about some post, picture, comment or status? Do i need to Like it and then to Unlike it? A dislike button can solve it in a subtle manner.

We Are All “Friends”…
I met a cute girl in a club a few years ago, so we became friends on Facebook. Although a few years have passed and there were no connection between us, i will stay forever her friend… Google found some solution for that with the Circles feature, why can’t you?

Fix My Grammar and Spelling!
Why Mark, didn’t you bother to add some small feature that will tell me whenever i make some spelling or grammar error by mistake? Is it so hard in our technological era?

Please Facebook, Tell Me What To Read…
Facebook are developing highly sophisticated algorithms to adjust advertisements especially for us, so why dear Mark, don’t you use it to suggest use some real valuable information like movies, books or music? I know you hate hearing it, but Google already done it with “Sparks”.