Customer Satisfaction E-Business Report 2011

As home business owners, we always need to understand to which direction the wind is blowing. One of the indicators for that is the American Customer Satisfaction Index that being posted every year. A few days ago they released the 2011 report.

The report is divided to 3 groups: Social media, search engines (including portals) and news websites (which I’m not going to discuss). I will detail here on the first 2 groups and compare it to last year results in real numbers (meaning if a company went to 55% satisfied costumers from 50%, it rose by 5% and not by 10%).

Social Media
Wikipedia kept its first place with 78% of satisfied costumers, 1% more than last year. YouTube also remained second with 74%, 1% improvement from last year. The biggest story is Facebook that although managed to improve by 2% from last year, holds the last place from all websites that been examined with only 66%. MySpace that had 63% last year didn’t even made it this year because lack of significant users sample (which says it all about this social network).

Search Engines (Including Portals)
Unsurprisingly, Google is first with 83%, a 3% improve. Bing made an impressive rise of 5% and its now “tickling” Google with 82%. Ask made an even more impressive rise of 7%, bypassed Yahoo and its now third with 80%. Yahoo fourth with 79% (up 3%).

Conclusions From The Report

As i said at the beginning, to improve our work from home, we need to find “clues” to predict the future. Although this costumer satisfaction report is not accurate (in 2007 Ask and Yahoo beat Google), it can be a good indicator. Here are my conclusions:

– Bing is improving strong. I don’t think it will take Google place but i do think it will be a force to recognize, especially after the Bing-Baidu deal.

– Facebook has a very weak satisfaction report, which can be an opportunity for the fast growing Google Plus to succeed on its expense.

You are welcome to conclude your own meanings from it, these are just my thoughts… At any case, here the historical results of this report (NM=Not Measured):

Historical Customer Satisfaction Data