Twitter Is More Popular Than Ever But Close To Lose Bing Also…

Apparently, Twitter is more popular these days than ever. However, until now it didn’t manage to convert its incredible growth into the maximum potential of profits it has and also, have some difficulties with the biggest search engines.

After the Google-Twitter agreement has been expired and hasn’t been renewed, Twitter and Bing also didn’t signed a new deal yet, few months until the current deal would expired. Twitter is currently powering the social search of Bing (with Facebook) and received about $15 million each year for this service.

The deal with Bing considered one of the main parts of the total Twitter revenue sources and Twitter demand twice as much (around $30 million). but the disagreements are apparently not about that, but more about core issues of control and accessibility.

I think that both sides have a lot to loose but Twitter has more: It would loose a main source of income after didn’t manage to create its own self advertising program successfully. Bing on the other hand, would loose one of the largest social segments online, but still holds an agreement with Facebook, which has the most social links and plugins on the internet.

Maybe because of this pressure, Twitter released lately a few stats to demonstrate its popularity: 350 million new tweets every day, 200+ million accounts, around 600,000 new sign ups every day and more.

As home business owners, working with Twitter is essential today and probably also in the near future. But what will happened in the far future after the new Google Plus social network will be more established? Does Twitter would loose its prestige? We will keep you updated…