Using Infographics For Your Home Business

One great way to improve the surfing experience in your online business is to use data visualizations or in a more simple word – Infographics. And the best place to search and to find great infographics is

I discussed recently that Google are considering more and more the user behavior on websites as a search factor and i suggested some ways to analyze the users experience on your site. But how can you make important pieces of information, however boring, to attractive and fun? Sometimes, it is better to show the data in a more animated visual way instead of “old fashioned” text…

Do you want a demonstration?

Let’s examine two ways of showing statistics to your visitors and you decide which one is better- One in text and one as infographic:

The Text Version:

The estimated number of home businesses in the US in 2000 was 9.5 million, in 2005 it was 11.3 millions and in 2010 it was 18.3 millions.

53% of all small businesses in the US are home-based. 8% generate more than $500,000 annually. 35% generate more than $125,000.

$427 billions are generated every year by home business owners.

Seven out of ten home entrepreneur succeed and employ two people on average.








The Infographic Version:

Home Businesses Infographic

Now you tell me, which one looks better…? Do you want another one? Here it is, this time an example of describing “laziness in the workplace”:

The Text Version:

The average worker admits of wasting 3 hours for every 8 hours workday, not including his breaks.

Top distractions: 44% web surfing, 23.4% socializing with co-workers, 3.9% spacing out and 1.3% applying for other jobs.

Human resources assume that for each day, 0.94 hour is wasted. They suspect 1.6 hour is wasted. Employees admit 3 hours are wasted.

The Infographic Version:

Laziness In The Workplace Infographic

I hope these two examples were good illustration how to make “boring” data into a more interesting one using infographics. Although it isn’t suitable for anything, it can upgrade tremendously your home business experience!