How To Create a Logo For Your Online Business Yourself

Your logo is the face of your work from home business and this is why its design is so important. When it is created properly it can become a valuable asset that passes messages, feeling and sometimes even a story…

To create a logo effectively yourself, you need to go through several of stages and not just finish it after 15 minutes of work. Like any other field, creating a logo requires skills, techniques and creativity. The more we have them, we will succeed more deliver our message.

Examine Logos Of Others From Your Field
It is always good to get inspiration by looking at other online businesses logos by checking how they use colors, fonts, shapes and symbols. During the research you will surly discover new things that will develop new creative leads of thoughts.

Draw Drafts And Sketches
This stage you can do offline or online: By taking a paper and pen and just start drawing, by using Photoshop or by using online programs like LogoMaker that also offers many patterns. Don’t afraid to try! This is how you consolidate the basic idea for your logo!

Proportion And Balance
Keep the right balance between the shapes, text and colors. Look at some of the most famous logos in the world: Google, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s- they all have almost perfect proportion and balance. However, this isn’t a rule of thumb and it can be change according to the message you want to deliver.

You should examine different sizes for your logo. The logo should look at his best in full size but it also needs to look good small. Make it smaller as much as possible and check how clear it remain. If it isn’t clear, make the proper changes to keep it obvious.

This is pretty complex stage but combining the right colors can upgrade any logo. The basic trick is to use the same family of colors and not combine an extreme mix. You will probably have to make many experiments to see what works and what not. Also, remember that different colors can deliver different messages, for example:
Red- Love, anger, passion.
Blue- Freedom, seriousness, technology.
Green- Natural, money.
Yellow- Happy, warm.
White- Sterile, professionalism.
Black- Formality, elegance.

Suitable Style For The Business Character
Create different style and choose what is most suitable for the business “spirit”. Innovative styles are mostly suitable for start-up businesses and conservative styles are mostly suitable for core-industry businesses.

Type Of Font Can Make The Difference
Each font deliver its own message and therefore it has a heavy weight. Square fonts will provide the feeling of something serious compared to hand-written font that will provide more light feeling. Use Bold and Italic and don’t use more than one type of font.

Be Different
Very easy to say but very hard to create. The idea is to find a way to stick out above others with something funny, silly or even ugly… The purpose is to leave a mark on people.

Be Careful With Effects
Everybody love to add effect but when creating a logo we need to be extra gentle. Don’t carry away too much. If you examine some of the famous logos in the world as i mentioned above, you will find that they all share simplicity.

Don’t Fall In Love With The Design!
The biggest problem for designers that sometimes they fall in love with their design. Let others express their thoughts and notes, they may produce insights you haven’t thought of.

Final Thoughts
Creating a logo for your online business can sometimes take a long time but it should be taken very seriously. This is the face of your business, it represents and reflects your brand strength and its recollection.