Business Strategies: 3 Ways to Grow Your Accounting Firm

You want to run your own accounting business and be your own boss. And on paper, you should be swimming in new contracts. You’re super qualified, you have a gift for gleaning major insights from relatively small pieces of data. 

But the more you work at trying to grow your accounting business, the more you keep running into the same problem:

You’re struggling to get clients. Or, worse yet, you don’t have nearly as many clients as you need.

Should you dust off your resume and call it quits? Is it possible to grow your accounting firm without having to beg, plead, and work for free?

If you want to know about what it takes to grow an accounting firm, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out how you can become the most in-demand accounting firm in your area.

1. Partner With Industry-Adjacent Businesses

Imagine you’re a wedding photographer and you’re looking for clients. You’re able to land a few engagements here and there, but you want a steady stable of clients. 

On the one hand, you could do the social media equivalent of handing out flyers to every person you happen to see. But it’d likely be a lot faster and easier to grow your business by partnering with a few local wedding coordinators.

It’s a similar deal when you’re looking to grow your accounting business. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in small business accounting, enterprise-level forecasting, or any other niche – chances are that there are certain businesses that your dream clients are already working with. All you have to do is just reach out and work out a mutually beneficial referral agreement.

2. Package Your Services

In 2020, the IRS assessed individuals, estates, and businesses for over $60 billion in unpaid penalties. But even though, good accountants are hard to find, sometimes you have to work a little harder to convince your would-be clients to purchase your services.

Offering service packages is a relatively easy way to bridge the gap. 

Think about it.

If you’re a business owner who’s looking for a top-notch accounting firm, the firm that has a “Business Accounting Package” with a thoughtfully constructed service list will automatically stand out. This probably veers into accounting firm business strategy, but commoditizing your services can make a huge difference to your conversion rates.

3. Have Strong Internal Systems

Some of the best accounting business management advice you’ll ever hear is to establish your in-house workflow early. 

How will you open new customer accounts? What storage solutions and cybersecurity measures will you use to protect customer data?

When you’re trying to manage an accounting business, your schedule is already packed. You’ve got people to supervise, service providers to liaison with, and deliverables that need to be completed. IT service solutions like, snack providers, and same-day courier services can make all the difference in this regard.

Grow Your Accounting Business the Easy Way

If you’ve got an accounting business, you can be sure that your services are always needed. However, the key to growth is simple: 

Don’t rush. 

By taking your time and creating sustainable strategies, you’ll be surprised at how much bigger your company will be.

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