How to Start an Instagram Shop in 6 Steps

 Did you know that posts with hashtags receive about 12.6% more engagement? If you’re considering having a shop on Instagram, you’ll want to ensure that you get as much engagement as possible. 

To get started, you’ll first have to learn how to start an Instagram shop. While it can seem overwhelming to begin, you’re in luck! Read this guide on how to start an Instagram shop today in as few steps as possible!

What Is an Instagram Shop?

The Instagram Shop allows you as a business owner to reach new customers and show off your product catalog. You can have a view shop button on your Instagram profile that people can click. 

Another great feature is that you could be featured on the Instagram Shop tab. People can arrive there from the main navigation menu. 

Shoppers can explore guides, see editor’s picks, browse shops, see collections, etc. Certain posts will pop up based on brands that they follow. Once they click on a product, they can see the product information and how to buy it. 

The good news is that in the United States, if you can view Instagram Checkout, then you can buy right from Instagram. If you’re considering this, it’s a good idea to have free instagram likes to increase your audience. 

1. Eligibility Requirements

First, be sure that you have a business account. You’ll need to also check your eligibility to see if you’ll qualify for an Instagram shop. 

You’ll need to meet certain requirements such as: 

  • You have a website domain for your business
  • Your business is a part of their supported market
  • It complies with commerce policies and the merchant agreement
  • You have products that’ll qualify 

2. Setup Time 

First, download the Instagram app on Windows, Android, or iOS. Click sign up. 

Fill in your profile info, and you’ll have a personal profile. Click the three lines in the top right and then Settings. You might also have the option that says switch to a professional account. 

Once you’re in account manager, click business. Choose your contact details and business category, and then you’re done. 

Once you have a business account, then you can use a supported platform or Commerce Manager to set up your shop. 

Another way to set it up is through your Facebook Shop. Instagram Shop will pull the products from there to begin. 

Instead of creating a store that’s completely on Facebook, you can instead sync your store to your Facebook. One way to do this is through Shopify.

Be sure to link your Facebook to your Instagram account before you begin. To connect to Shopify, click the plus icon next to Sales Channel that’s in the left sidebar in your Shopify dashboard. 

Setup Tips

Use your company logo as your profile photo for people to recognize your brand. Usernames should be the names of the business (but it can’t have any spaces). 

The account name should be your business name as well. In the bio section, you can place your brand’s identity, what your business does, etc. 

For the website, link to your promotional page or your website. It’s clickable on Instagram for viewers. 

Choose Your Username

While you’ll want your username to be your business, be sure that it’s easily recognizable and something that people can remember. Remember that your username will be public for all to see. While Instagram will ask for your full name, you can place the name of your business. 

Research Time

Before you begin posting on Instagram, it’s a good idea to research what others in your niche post about. Although you have your Instagram shop, you’ll still want to post pictures and content to keep your audience engaged and attract new shoppers. Try to look into those who have a large following in your industry. 

3. Add Your Product Catalog

As long as you have your Instagram and Facebook linked, you can add products to your Facebook. 

From Shopify (or another platform with a similar idea), you can add the products right from the site. Choose to make the products available in Facebook. You can do the same with Instagram allowing it access. 

Another option is to use the catalog manager on Facebook. That means that you’re adding the items from scratch. 

4. Review Time

When you’re ready for the approval process, head to your business account settings and click sign up for shopping. Be sure to follow and read through all of the rules. You can view the status of your shop by heading to shopping in the settings menu.

5. Build Your Community

An important step for your shop is to build your community. Engage with others and don’t feel overwhelmed. 

Be smart with hashtags to help your store stand out. Think about what people might be searching for when it comes to your business. If your business is local, consider location-specific hashtags. 

6. Marketing Tips 

After you’ve learned how to start an Instagram page and business, you’ll want to be social with your followers. Follow others back.

Post content regularly. Think about what your audience will be interested in, and don’t only post sales content either. 

Understanding How To Start an Instagram Shop

After exploring this guide, I hope that you have a better idea of how to start an Instagram shop. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at other businesses in your niche for ideas and follow these steps.

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