What Are the Top PEO Companies and How Can You Choose One for You?

Are you wondering about the top PEO companies out there?

The current business landscape made finding new workers a challenge. Not having the right people on board can lead to lower productivity and loss of resources.

With so many PEO companies available, which one should you pick? Read on and discover a list of the best ones and how to find them.

Insperity for Small Businesses

Insperity focuses on developing crucial areas for small business growth. They offer an extensive selection of online training resources, making them one of the top PEO companies for small and upcoming brands.

Their services are highly-adaptable to areas that small companies find challenging. These include employee support and onboarding, employee benefits, and payroll processing.

They’ll help build a dedicated team composed of an HR services manager, an HR specialist, and a payroll specialist. You’ll also get a client liaison, a performance specialist, and a safety consultant.

INFINITI HR for Large Businesses

The company specializes in recruitment services for businesses like hotels and franchises. Some notable clients include Hyatt, Best Western, and Senior Helpers.

Their services have a customizable format, allowing personalization. INFINITI HR separates payroll and HR support to ensure streamlined delivery of services.

Their recruitment services help companies in retaining the cream of the crop. They develop life insurance, healthcare coverage, and workers’ compensation, among other employee perks.

Paychex for Great Balance

Paychex is one of the leaders for balanced services, especially with your risk management requirements. This PEO company works directly with employees instead of becoming an in-between.

The approach gives Paychex more flexibility in assessing your company. It helps them provide more in-depth services.

Another notable advantage is their online processing. Paychex can simplify your payroll process and outsource office management support if needed. You’ll also enjoy their retirement services and 401(k) plans.

Oasis Outsourcing for Newbies

One of the primary reasons most start-ups fail is not finding the right talent. You can avoid this through the simplicity and full-service support of Oasis Outsourcing. Because Paychex manages Oasis, you get the same level of support as Paychex’s but on a smaller scale.

Regular clients include small franchises, IT companies, financial service providers, and retail stores.

Qualities of Top PEO Companies

The top PEO companies share some exclusive traits. First, they offer comprehensive employee benefits. These companies look to cover lots of ground while keeping the costs manageable.

These companies also offer automation to help businesses reduce their payroll-processing costs. Their knowledge of the latest HR regulations should also be up-to-date. They should be adept with the changes in employment laws to keep your business compliant.

Lastly, they don’t settle for sub-par talents. They find the right people best-suited for your requirements at the moment.

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Learn More About Business Growth Now

Now you know some of the top PEO companies, you can confidently pick the best one for your business. You can compare their services and find the best value for your money.

However, understanding PEO company meaning is only one way to grow your business. Check out our other articles to learn more strategies today.