4 Creative Jobs You Should Consider Switching To

The creative economy contributes to 6.1% of the world’s GDP and between 2-7 percent of the GDP of some national economies.

Are you a creative person looking to switch your career to a more fulfilling creative job? Going by the above figures, it’s evident that there are many job opportunities in the creative economy. If you’re confused about which creative profession to switch to, this is the article for you.

Read along to get four creative jobs you should consider switching to.

1. User Experience (UX) Designer

A UX designer is in charge of designing the software and website of a business to make it slick and friendly to users. These are the people in charge of creating the curb appeal of websites to make them attractive and appealing to web users. Their work entails making the entire journey of a customer interacting with a product seamless.

Their work focuses on end-to-end product development, which entails design, function, and usability. It can sometimes be hard to capture all the responsibilities they have since it differs from an organization’s structure. For example, in some organizations, a UX designer can be found in the marketing team to focus on the branding of a software product.

2. Front-End Developer

A front-end developer writes the code to create web and mobile applications, to bring the web design to life. They mostly use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design a website, although some use CMS platforms such as WordPress. You have to know a bit of programming and design since the bulk of the work involves developing and deploying websites.

The beauty of this career is that it’s among the creative jobs that pay well. Creativity comes about when you have to design and develop a website from scratch.

3. Interior Design

An interior designer is a person who styles and decorates the interior of your home to make it more appealing and accommodating. It’s a multifaceted career since it entails creating conceptual designs of a home, space planning, and decorating a home. Their work is artistic since it involves coming up with unique concepts then implementing them by decorating and styling a home.

They deal with all the aesthetic aspects of a home; the color of the walls, furniture, and lighting. You don’t have to become a fully-fledged interior designer; you can be a home stager and still enjoy the thrill that comes with decorating houses. You can simply switch to that career by taking a home staging course.

4. Creative Director

A creative director is in charge of the creative department and manages all creative projects in a company. They manage the creative staff involved in producing marketing videos and ads. In most cases, they advise and develop creative concepts for such projects.

However, this is a pro-level position that requires a lot of experience. One should have a robust design or copywriting background.

Creative Jobs to Start a Fulfilling Career

If you’re looking to switch to a career that offers you freedom, consider remote creative jobs. The above pointers are some of the creative jobs a creative person can jump into.

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