7 Instagram Tips for Beginners to Make Your Profile Stand Out

Instagram has an estimated 1.41 billion users. So, how can you stand out from the crowd as a beginner? 

While it is still possible to make an influential profile, you need to know how to use Instagram. Gone are the days of easy Instagram fame due to algorithms and the number of users on the application. You need to produce valuable content but also ensure it gets seen.

Read on for seven Instagram tips for beginners that will help you get started.

1. Meaningful Username and Profile Name

One of the best ways to use Instagram is to produce content that people search for, including your username and profile name. You want the name to be memorable and easy to search for. You have 30 characters for both but can also use spaces for the profile name. 

2. Enhance the Bio

One of the best tips for how to be Instagram famous is to utilize your bio of 150 characters. You can tell people what you do, including links, emojis, choose a business category and an authentic profile photo. Be sure to make it personal to engage users. 

3. Perfect Your Grid Layout

How your profile presents itself will make or break user engagement. Some influential accounts are to split a large photo on a grid. Or you pick a specific color theme for your entire grid or row by row, using an Instagram filter guide for a consistent style. 

4. Have a Content Strategy

Consider what type of content you will publish and what users want. How often will you use Instagram stories, memes, videos, and other content types?

Also, create a publishing schedule, as consistency is key for Instagram. Do not bombard followers, but be consistent with how often you post. 

5. Utilize Instagram Highlights 

You can utilize Instagram highlights to display more information. For example, you can give your backstory, explain your business, promote other social media profiles or websites, and store valuable Instagram story memories. Highlights are a great way to connect with users and increase traffic to your page.

6. User Engagement 

You need to engage users for your content to be seen. Use interactive content such as quizzes and giveaways, write good captions, use hashtags, and repost content from other similar Instagram profiles. You can also get real Instagram likes to help encourage user engagement. 

7. Try an Instagram Challenge 

If you are unsure where to start with your content strategy, try one of the many Instagram challenges. For example, the #365Project is when you post a photo every day for a year. Also, usually, the challenges are popular, and people will see your content.

Instagram Tips for Beginners

Follow these Instagram tips for beginners to get started. The best ways to use Instagram are to be patient, have a good content strategy, and be consistent. Instagram fame does not happen overnight, so focus on providing value to the followers you do have, and you will reap the rewards over time.

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