What Are the Benefits of Installing a Solar Panel System on My Home?

The sun produces enough solar energy every second to cover the earth’s power needs for 500,000 years. 

Doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to try and harness some of that energy? 

Residential solar installations are increasing across the country. It can seem like a major investment, though, or just a hard switch to make. Especially when we’re all so used to our current energy systems.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a solar panel system is right for you, read to learn about the biggest benefits of solar energy. 

The Best Solar Systems Reduce or Eliminate Energy Bills

Most people who turn to solar energy are amazed to find out how much energy they produce. In many cases, solar cells on roofs capture a lot more energy than one household could ever consume.

Some days residents with a solar power system don’t have to draw from the energy grid. That means lower utility bills or none at all. A solar panel system helps start reducing these costs as soon as it’s installed and also offers long-term savings.

This can depend on the weather, of course. Sunny days will produce more energy than cloudy days. Solar cells, though, continue to draw energy even when there’s cloud cover. Even indirect and diffused sunlight will help power your home.

A Solar Panel System Increases Home Values

Thinking of selling the house? Investing in the solar industry will up resale values. Most homebuyers recognize the benefits of a solar panel system, and they appreciate that they didn’t have to make the initial investment. 

One study showed that homes with residential solar regularly sold for higher prices than those without. In one case, the value of the home went up by $15,000.

Solar panels also help extend the life of the roof, because they protect it from the elements. They also help provide some insulation in the summer months, keeping the interior temperature lower.

Solar Energy Protects the Environment

Solar cells derive clean energy from the sun, meaning we burn fewer fossil fuels for power. With solar energy, we’re decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy, like solar power, is also good for public health. By replacing fossil fuels and leaning into the solar industry, we help reduce air and water pollution. 

Solar power also uses less water overall than burning fossil fuels, which gives it another environmental advantage.

Start Saving With Solar

Residential solar could be right for you and your home. Installing a solar panel system could help you save on your utility bills, increase the value of your home, and work toward protecting our environment.

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They even have a calculator so you can estimate your personal savings by switching to solar energy. Don’t pay another costly utility bill. Go solar.