How to Create a Mobile Game: A Complete Guide

Did you know that the gaming industry is even bigger than Hollywood? Video games aren’t only for kids. They’re a great way to release stress, have fun, and forge a strong community with other people.

Of course, this also means there’s a lot of potential profit in creating a mobile game. 

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to create a mobile game. We’ve got a few helpful tips already listed below. Continue reading this in-depth guide to learn the basic steps and some crucial mobile game creation tips.

Take Time Planning

Don’t create a mobile game without a long-term plan. You have to know everything in advance since every factor can affect the design and development process. 

From the beginning, identify what type of game it is and what genre it falls under. Figure out basic mechanics, the art style, music genre, and monetization plans too. 

Plan for milestones and development audits too.

Pick an Engine

Gaming development won’t pick up until you pick an engine. Fortunately, there are a ton of engines to use. Unity and the Unreal Engine are some of the most popular but you can also turn to tools like Cry Engine, SpritKit, and BuildBox.

Fortunately, not all of the engines require coding experience. Some are drag-and-drop tools. For people who want to make complex mobile games, the option for coding is available with tools like the Unreal Engine.

Kit For iOS and Android

Of course, you need to know whether or not your game works on mobile devices. Most phones nowadays run on either Android or iOS. You’ll need their appropriate mobile development kits.

Follow the kit’s mobile game creation guide to optimize your project. You’ll need to future-proof your game for future updates of iOS and Android too.

Hire Professionals

Even with some talented people on your side, it’s always a smarter idea to hire a professional mobile game creation company. Experts have the right tools, training, skills, and experience to make a game that captures your vision and goals. 

Make sure to hire a company that has a portfolio proving its capabilities. You can find out more about your options here.

Test Everything

Done with development? You’re still far from completing the project. Take time to alpha test and beta test the game. 

Testing will help identify bugs and glitches. Run a Q&A with game testers too so you can find out aspects players enjoyed and which ones to further improve.

Now You Know How to Create a Mobile Game

Learning how to create a mobile game can seem intimidating at first. However, with these tips, you’ll be able to launch a mobile game in no time. Plan, pick the right engine, use a development kit, work with experts, and don’t forget to test!

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