Top 5 Tips on Building a LinkedIn Profile for Beginners

You’re entering the workforce for the first time. As such, you want to open a LinkedIn profile. 

The only trouble is: you’re not really sure what you’re doing. So, you’re wondering: how do you make your LinkedIn profile as good as it can possibly be? By following these tips. 

Here are the keys to building a LinkedIn profile. 

1. Use a Professional-looking Photograph

Perhaps the most important part of building a LinkedIn profile is to use a professional-looking photograph. Your LinkedIn profile picture should portray you as the serious professional that you are. You should be well-dressed and looking directly at the camera. 

The quality of the photograph is important as well. Make sure that it’s clear and well-lit. Never use a photograph that’s blurry or pixelated. 

2. Include Accomplishments

If you want to set yourself apart from others in your industry, you need to list your accomplishments. These can include everything from writing samples to design work to descriptions of contributions you’ve made on projects and more. If you can, link to specific examples. 

3. Add Volunteer Experience

An optional part of every LinkedIn profile is to add volunteer experience. You can do this by going to the bottom of the “edit profile” page and clicking “add sections”. This will enable you to select “volunteer experience”, which will then allow you to add your specific volunteer experiences. 

Volunteer work is something that a lot of LinkedIn users don’t list. As such, it can help set you apart from your competitors. 

4. List All of Your Skills

Another big component of setting up a LinkedIn profile is to list your skills in the “skills & endorsements section”. When doing this, be sure to list all of your skills. Even if they’re not related to your current job or industry, make sure to list them. 

For instance, take a look at the LinkedIn profile for Will Johnson of The Harris Poll. Will lists everything from financial modeling to digital marketing to creative strategy and more. He’s even had his skills endorsed by those who have worked with him. 

This is important, as it gives potential job seekers a full view of what you can offer. You never know what might give you a leg up over the competition. 

5. Get Specific on Your Experience

The experience section of your LinkedIn profile is perhaps the most important section. This is where you list your past jobs and employers. 

In this section, you don’t want to stop at simply listing the name of the company and the position. You want to describe — in detail! — what you did in that position. These specifics could be the difference between attracting and turning off employers. 

Building a LinkedIn Profile Is Easy!

When it comes down to it, building a LinkedIn profile is easy. Just follow the tips above and you’re sure to create a profile that represents you well. 

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