8 Lucrative Ways to Make Money With Amazon

Most people think of Amazon as the ultimate platform to spend all their money. However, there are also numerous ways to make money with Amazon if you want to sell stuff online or earn an online income.

Besides selling products to customers worldwide, Amazon also offers part-time and full-time opportunities to help people grow their businesses. Amazon always keeps adding new methods so people can earn a generous income.

Here are eight lucrative ways to make money with Amazon if you want to take your e-commerce prowess to another level. The best part is that most of these jobs can be done from the comfort of your home.

Amazon Affiliate Links

Many people dream of selling products online through Amazon. However, they do not want to go through the hardship and hassle of sourcing these products.

Besides acquiring products to sell, you also need to investigate Fulfillment by Amazon, storing inventory, advertising, and securing consumer interest. If you enjoy the hustle and want to make some cash by selling items through Amazon, you can benefit from joining the Amazon Associates program.

With this program, Amazon will give you unique links that you can use to advertise your products on their site. Then you can post these links all across your personal website, blog, social media accounts.

When someone clicks on your links and buys one of your products, this is known as a referral. You will then earn a commission from Amazon for facilitating the sale. Even if that person does not buy your product, you still get paid.

This is the best strategy for people who have social media followers or a loyal audience for their blog. With a bit of search engine optimization tips and tricks, you should optimize your pages with specific keywords.

Then include your affiliate or referral links for the online income to start rolling in. It is important to note that Fulfilment by Amazon can be tricky to navigate if you are not familiar with the process. Here is how you can hire an Amazon FBA specialist to kickstart your online business dreams.

Selling Merchandise

Amazon has a merchandise program as well. This is where you can sell your own brand of clothing. All you must do is create the design for whichever t-shirt or cap you want to sell.

Then you should upload it onto the website. When someone buys one of your caps or t-shirts, then Amazon will print the item and deliver it to that customer. This is possible because Amazon is a platform with a print-on-demand system.

This makes doing business easy because you do not need to organize storage for inventory. Your merchandise only gets printed when a customer places an order on the platform.

Even if you are not good at designing things, you can always hire someone to get the job done. Amazon’s merchandise program is highly successful, but you can only get in with an invitation. Therefore, you need to submit an application and wait until you are accepted.

Resell Items

Many people believe that you need to know how to organize and stock up on inventory if you want to sell stuff online on Amazon. This would involve networking with manufacturers and wholesalers to secure your products.

This may be intimidating for someone wanting to earn an online income for the first time. However, you can always resell items instead. This can be done from other online marketplaces, like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, and AliExpress.

This is an excellent strategy because prices are different from one marketplace to another. You may find a product selling on eBay for half the price compared to Amazon. Then you should buy this product and sell it on Amazon to make a decent profit.

Branded Products

Selling your own private label products can earn you the most profits. These should be unique items with your branding all over them. The biggest advantage of selling branded products with your logo is that you are the only seller.

No one else can sell your identical branded products. Therefore, you can expect less competition from other sellers. This will help propel your own business and grow your brand. However, creating unique items is not a walk in the park. You may need to work with the right manufacturers to make the best products.

Publish Books

Thanks to Amazon, we no longer need to wow major publishers to sell books. You can now self-publish your own e-books on the Amazon platform.

This will help generate a decent online income if you are an exceptional writer with great stories to tell. Then you need to pay for cover design, and an expert should format and edit your book.

Amazon Flex Program

If you love Uber, you will love Amazon’s Flex program. This is where you can earn money by delivering people’s packages. Like Uber, you get to use your own car to deliver these orders.

All you must do is download the app, sign up, then reserve your orders to pick up from the depot. Then you will be given people’s addresses to deliver them all.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon MTurk is an excellent program where companies can hire people to do simple tasks. These can be done virtually, so you never need to leave your home. The idea behind it is that there are still many things that people can do better than computers.

This can include research and taking surveys. All you must do to participate in the program is sign up and choose the jobs you want to complete. These can be done at your own pace without a deadline.

Amazon Consulting

If you have successfully sold products on Amazon before, you can begin a consulting business. This is where you can help other sellers boost their businesses by giving advice about product sourcing, product research, pricing, and marketing.

Alternatively, you can also earn an online income from PPC advertising skills or by copywriting for other sellers’ product listings.

Make Money With Amazon Today

You can always find a way to make money with Amazon. Amazon is a massive company with tons of fresh opportunities in different areas. You can earn an online income by selling merchandise or your own branded items.

Alternatively, you can also expect to earn money by publishing your own e-book or by helping other sellers succeed on the platform. If you enjoyed reading this online income guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.