The Most Common iPhone Problems and Solutions

Worldwide, over one billion people use iPhones to talk, text, scroll social media, find their way places, access the internet, track their health, and more. Since it does so much in our daily lives, everybody needs one that works properly.

Unfortunately, electronics get glitchy from time to time. Knowing what’s happening with it and how to troubleshoot the issue can help you avoid huge hassles. 

Keep reading to learn about common iPhone problems and how you can fix them.

Low Battery

An iPhone can do nothing for you when the battery dies. This makes a sudden low battery warning extremely frustrating, especially when you can not get to a charging port.

Sometimes, this does not signal a real problem. When you leave your screen brightness high and keep multiple apps open after use, this can quickly drain your battery. Lower the brightness and close apps after every use.

Going in and out of service also uses the juice up quickly. If you notice your phone bouncing in and out, turn on airplane mode to conserve your power.

If none of these fixes work and your battery continues to lose power quickly, check battery health settings. You may need to replace the battery and should ask if your warranty covers this phone repair.

No Charge

Did your phone stop charging altogether? Start simply by changing outlets and then trying a different charger. If this does not work, then the connector may have broken, or you may need a new battery.

Poor Signal

Your provider’s coverage may not reach certain areas, which can make you lose signal. When this happens, put it on airplane mode, so your battery does not die. If this starts happening everywhere, then you may be facing bigger iPhone issues. 

Check to see if your phone suggests any new updates. Failing to install them can mess with operations. If all else fails, you may need a new sim card.

Water Damage

If your phone gets wet, this can quickly mess with the internal functions. It might cause the touch screen to stop working or cause all sorts of other glitches.

If you drop your phone in water, immediately turn it off. With older models, take the battery out.

Place your phone in rice overnight. The dry grains will absorb moisture out of the phone and hopefully restore all function.

Apple Logo Screen

If your phone gets stuck at the Apple screen, it will not perform any other functions. Allow your battery to die completely, and then see if it turns on normally after a charge.

If you’re still dealing with a broken iPhone, do a hard reset, which unfortunately wipes all of the existing data off of your phone.

Fix Your iPhone Problems

A broken phone can cause chaos in modern life. Use this information to fix your iPhone problems quickly. If this does not work, you may need to leave it to the professionals to repair your phone.

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