7 Ways Electronic Lockers Can Boost a Small Business

Did you know that ransomware attacks are increasing by 350% each year? Security in the workplace is one of the hottest topics around currently.

While you may be focusing on your electronic defenses, how can you provide adequate physical security for your workers and guests?

Electronic lockers give every guest and employee a location where they can store their personal belongings. This gives them a feeling of security and confidence to go about their daily business.

Why should you provide security lockers for your workplace? Why not read on to find out more. 

1. Track their Usage

Do you have temporary workers coming and going from your workplace? Perhaps some only stay for a day or two and then move on. If this is the case, then tracking the availability of lockers can be very difficult. 

While you may be able to track the lockers that should be available, even workers with the best of intentions will forget to return their keys. This can leave you with a number of lockers that are either unusable or have keys to open them in someone’s pocket. 

Avoid this scenario completely by installing keyless lockers. These will have passwords or PIN numbers that you can reset at the end of the day. This means that workers do not need to return their keys at the end of the day. The next user of the locker can be sure that past users cannot access the locker.

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2. Convenience

Keys are slowly becoming old technology. In 2021, some people that purchase a new car or rent a new apartment are not issued with keys, but with a fob or passkey. In the same way, people do not want to carry around keys that are heavy and require them to use a purse or manbag. 

Electronic lockers also provide another advantage. Only one person can carry the key to a locker, whereas a code can be shared with friends or family. This provides greater flexibility for both users and workplace owners.

3. No Need for Key Replacement

It is not easy to replace keys for lockers. If the key breaks, you can simply make a copy of the master. However, if a key is lost you have to decide whether you will replace the entire lock or risk that a person can find the lost key and access the locker.

A keyless system means that all of these worries are over. It is impossible to lose the key. In the situation where the code is shared amongst too many people, you simply hit the “Password Reset” button.

4. Easier Key Management

Let’s face it, physical keys are a nightmare for office staff to track. They require constant record keeping and concentration to maintain their security. Staff members are required to maintain keys, replace damaged keys, and possibly take and refund deposits. 

Electronic lockers change this scenario. Along with other initiatives, electronic lockers could even allow you to employ less staff and lower expenses.

5. Great Usage of Lockers

If you have staff members who work in shifts or have a large number of outside workers coming and going, turnaround time is very important for you. When you employ physical keys, the turn around time can take a long time.

With electronic lockers, this turn around can be instant. A worker can clock out at 14:59. The password reset at 15:00 and the next worker starts using it at 15:01. It may even be possible to pre-program this so that human intervention is not necessary.

This allows for the most efficient use of your locker space, while the least effort to maintain it.

6. Cash Free

Do you use lockers that require the insertion of a coin? Many people saw this as a great way to encourage workers to return their keys. However, in 2021, this does not work so well. Why not?

People do not carry cash anymore. In fact, loose change is now seen as an annoyance rather than an asset. If workers or guests come to your work facilities and see that they meed a specific coin to use the lockers, they will first need to come to reception to obtain it. 

This wastes their time and that of your receptionists. Avoid this by having a cash-free system. If you want to charge a person for the use of a locker, you can add it to their overall bill or ask them to pay electronically on the way out. 

If you used a system that retained the coin as payment for the locker, you were able to make a profit from them. However, as the locker required a specific type of coin, it did not allow for inflation. Digital lockers allow you to change the price as often as you want to.

7. Analytics

Businesses today benefit from gathering and analyzing data from many different sources. This technology known as analytics management is in use in almost every sector. Did you know that you can apply it to your locker rooms?

If you have many people coming and going, such as in a classroom, gym, or other busy workplaces, you can track the usage times of your lockers. You can tell at a glance at your computer screen whether you need to purchase more locker space, which lockers are being utilized most. you can even see if the lockers are well utilized and you could raise the price without a negative effect.

How Electronic Lockers Can Boost a Small Business and Much More

If you are a small business owner, security and organization are key areas of your business. By applying the principles we have outlined regarding the use of electronic lockers, you can provide greater options for your workplace. 

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