Why Outsourcing to Order Fulfillment Companies Makes Sense for Your Ecommerce Business

Are you spending too much time packing and shipping your products to customers? It might be time to ask for a little help.

If you want to get your order fulfillment streamlined, outsourcing to order fulfillment companies is the perfect way to do it. After all, 39.4% of businesses trust fulfillment centers for at least some of their operations.

Are you wondering if outsourcing fulfillment is for you? Keep reading to learn why order fulfillment services are worth investing in.

Save Money

Yes, it costs more money to send your orders to a fulfillment house if you’re handling the orders yourself. The question you have to ask yourself is how much time you’re spending doing things yourself?

Every hour you spend packing orders costs your company money. Your time is better spent working on growing your company to get more orders in the future.

You could also hire someone in-house to handle shipping. Unfortunately, that’s going to cost quite a bit of money if you want to hire someone reliable. If you want to save money and free up your time, work with an established order fulfillment service for eCommerce.

Reduce Logistics Headaches

If you run a large operation, storing all of your products will take a lot of space. If you want to save space, working with a fulfillment company is a perfect way to accomplish this.

All your products will be stored at your fulfillment company’s warehouse. You’ll be able to save money on rent or use your space for more productive purposes.

You can also rely on your order fulfillment center to keep track of your inventory for your company. This reduces the logistic work on your part since you can view your inventory report from your provider. All you need to do is refill your inventory when it’s low instead of maintaining inventory reports yourself.

Ship Quicker and Further

It takes a great process to pack and ship your products quickly and efficiently. If you’re a small operation, you likely don’t have the team necessary to do things the right way. That’s where order fulfillment outsourcing comes into play.

Order fulfillment centers have machines and employees trained to get your products out as quickly as possible. You can take advantage of their speed to offer shipping in only a few days for your customers.

If you work with a fulfillment center that has multiple locations, this will speed up shipping times. If your products are distributed to different locations worldwide, it’s going to take less time in transit for products to arrive in your customer’s homes.

Order Fulfillment Companies Will Help Your Business Thrive

You can’t afford to have delayed deliveries in today’s world where companies ship to customers within a few days. Order fulfillment companies will make sure you’re competitive on shipping times so you can give your customers the service they deserve. Get in touch with one today to learn about the other services they can offer.

Once you have your shipping process optimized, it’s time to start streamlining the rest of your company. Head back to our blog to learn more about optimizing your business.