7 Remote Work Tools That Every Businessperson Should Know

Due to the pandemic, over 58% of American office workers are now working remotely. While many people are struggling with the uncertainty, a majority of office workers are enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.

With the best remote work tools, you can learn to manage your time, and take advantage of the fact that you no longer have to commute to work. These tools can change your entire viewpoint on remote work, and make life much easier, especially if you have other responsibilities like being a parent. 

The only problem is, what are the best tools for remote work? You don’t want to waste your time trying out remote work tools that do not work!

That’s exactly why we created this useful article, to teach you about the best and easy to use remote work tools available today. Keep on reading to find out more and make your life easier. 

General Collaboration Tools

Whether you are in charge of a team or part of one, having virtual collaboration tools will help you to get the job done faster. These tools include perks such as meeting rooms, delegating tasks, and much more.


Trello is a handy dashboard tool that not only looks visually appealing but is also extremely functional. Each task is named a “card” and on it, you can delegate multiple tasks, add notes, and color tag it for the organization. 

Trello app is perfect for a solo entrepreneur, or for teams of employees needing to work together to complete a task.

Google Workspace

If you love using Google apps such as Docs, Slides, Drive, and Sheets, then Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite) is a great choice for you. This is a budget-friendly option that allows multiple users to access different Google apps for convenience. You can also add to your team’s calendar and save time training your team on new tools.


Monday.com is the best tool for remote agencies and small businesses, as it offers similar features as the above apps, but with a different approach. If you are on a budget, Monday.com allows you to work with your team within that budget so you do not spillover. 

Video Meeting and Conferencing Tools

Since you are not able to be in the physical presence of your co-workers, you need to have useful tools that allow you to meet and exchange ideas for your projects. These tools allow you to meet with each other via virtual meetings in either video or phone calls so that you can easily tackle projects together.

Check out this list of the best remote work tools for virtual meetings and communication:


Since the pandemic, Zoom shares have grown exponentially to 369%! This offers an insight into how useful Zoom is for video conferencing. Meetings can be operated from your laptop, smartphone, dial-in phone, or tablet, with multiple perks on each.

You can share screens to discuss projects, and even share music for raising the mood. Zoom is always updating its platform, as customer usability is their number one priority. 


If you prefer a platform where only one person is speaking, then GoToMeeting is a better choice for you. Here you can speak to your team and delegate your tasks while recording the entire session and send it to your employees afterward.

Best Remote Accounting Tools

The meat and potatoes of every business are the ability to stay on budget and keep track of finances. This is why you need to know the best remote work tools to manage your business’s money, or else you could be in financial trouble. Check out this list of accounting tools, then read more on virtual accounting solutions here


FreshBooks is the perfect accounting software for new business owners to CEOs of bigger companies. This platform is easy to use and helpful for consultants, contractors, and sole-proprietors to keep track of their finances. As your business grows, you can add employees and other contractors to help manage your accounting, which takes the pressure off of you.

Within this platform, your employees can add time-tracking, project management, and view financial statements easily without tech experience.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is the best accounting app for those on a budget because it is absolutely free! You can create and send invoices and keep track of payments easily within this program, without paying a penny.

If you want to start accepting payments or use the payroll service through the platform, then you will have to begin paying for this app. 

Remote Tools For Team Communication

Not every meeting requires you to be on video, so these tools allow you to continue to wear your pajamas to work while keeping in touch with your co-workers. 


Slack is a very popular platform for many remote teams as it has numerous different features that improve virtual communication. You can either talk in the main chatroom or send private messages to each other so you don’t have to bombard coworkers with the information they do not need.

You can also organize chatrooms by project names in Slack which helps you organize who is working on which project. 


Flowdock is a very close second to Slack in terms of its usability, as it has many of the same features. Perhaps the big bonus with FlowDock is its ability to integrate with many other apps such as Basecamp, Trello, Assembla, GitHub, and more.

Learn More About the Best Remote Work Tools 

Now that you know about the best remote work tools, you are probably wondering other tips for improving your remote working career.

Working remotely is ideal, yet it can be hard to stay productive. This is why we created an entire blog dedicated to improving your remote working life. If you found this article helpful, you would love to check out more remote working tips on our blog.