Photo Sharing: Quick Ways to Get Your Phone Photos Into Your Friends’ Hands

No matter where you go or what you’re doing, one thing is for certain: you’re taking some amazing photos! Whether you’re a blogger or simply love capturing great pictures, you need a few different ways to share your photos with ease. Unfortunately, photo sharing can become complicated when you have a large number of photos to share. 

You need a way to share your photos that allows for quick uploads and high quality. There’s no reason why you should wait extended periods of time for photos to load. There’s also no reason why you should have to sacrifice the quality of your photos either. 

In the guide below, there are a few photo-sharing apps, and photo-sharing websites you should know about. 

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Social Media

Any social media platform will allow you to share your photos with friends. Some of the best social media platforms for photo sharing are Instagram and Facebook. Both platforms make sharing your photos as simple as uploading them to your profile, which only takes a few seconds. 

All of your followers can then see your photos, comment on them, like them, and share them as well (if you allow this feature). There are also features which when enabled, will only let certain people see your photos, which is great if you don’t want all your followers to see them.

There are some other social media platforms where you can share photos as well, such as Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and more. The best way to determine the right platform for you is to understand each platform and pick the one that aligns with the content you want to share. 

Photo-Sharing Platforms

Social media platforms aren’t the only way to share photos with your friends, though. There are also photo-sharing platforms you should consider as well. Flickr is one of these photo-sharing sites. 

Flickr allows you to send multiple photos to friends without sacrificing the quality of the photos. When you upload your photos onto the website you don’t lose the photo size or file settings either. You can also enable a feature that allows friends or anyone to view your photos and download them. 

Another great feature Flickr offers is the ability to connect with your social media accounts. That’s right! You can connect your social media accounts so once you upload photos to Flickr, they automatically upload to your other accounts as well. 

Photobucket is another website to consider. You aren’t given a lot of storage space on the free version, but you can always upgrade if needed. Do make sure to switch the settings to Private before uploading any pictures, unless you’re not worried about anyone seeing the photos. 

You can then create links to certain photos, which you can then share with your friends to give them access. 

Photo Prints

Gone are the old days of having to print out your photos if you even want to see what they look like. Everything is digital now, but physical photos are still priceless. When’s the last time you printed out photos? 

Photo prints are a great way to share photos with friends, especially if you gift the photo in a frame or place several photos in an album. Print outs are something your friends can cherish for a lifetime. When cared for properly, they can be shared with generations to come. 

Google Photos

If you own a Google account, then it’s time to take advantage of Google Photos. Most Android devices will let you connect your phone’s camera and picture album to your Google Photos account. This is also a great way to backup all of your photos. 

There’s a setting that will automatically send the pictures saved on your phone to your Google Photos account for safekeeping. Here, you can also connect with other Google account holders and share your photos this way.

Google Photos won’t change the resolution of your pictures, and you can even allow certain people to have access to these images and allow them to upload their own photos as well. 

Amazon Photos

If you don’t have a Google account, do you have an Amazon account? Amazon has it’s own photo-sharing capabilities also. Amazon Photos works in a similar way to Google Photos. 

You can add up to five other people to your account, giving them access to your photos and the ability to share and upload their own. You can also create a link to a picture and share it with anyone. The pictures will upload in high resolution, and you can create different photo products as well, such as when using different photo-sharing websites. 

Android Beam

If you own an Android phone, then be sure to take advantage of Android Beam. The Android Beam uses near field communication (NFC) technology to transfer data between two phones with the capability. It’ll only work when the two phones are placed directly next to one another. 

Back-to-back is a good option. It provides a quick and easy way to transfer large files between two devices without having to use Bluetooth or a wire connection. You can download a beaming service app if your phone doesn’t already have one installed. 

Instant Messaging 

Sending photos directly from your phone to someone else’s phone doesn’t always result in clear images. A great way to ensure the photos send quickly with high quality is to send them using some form of instant messaging. Facebook Messenger is one good option.

You’ll be able to send a large number of photos at one time. The photos will send quickly, and they’ll come out clear!

This Is Photo Sharing Made Easy

Photo sharing is popular in today’s world. With more photos being taken now than ever before due to amazing mobile device cameras and easy sharing options, it’s essential to know how to share your photos with friends quickly and effortlessly without losing their quality. 

Be sure to try some of the photo-sharing options listed above for the best results!

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